We specialize in emergency, heavy-duty and hot line phones for business and government; and red phones for people who just like red phones.


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Our red hot emergency phones are rugged, reliable and competitively priced. Many are guaranteed for FIVE YEARS.

Applications include fire, medical, police, swimming pools, military, security, elevators, factories, offices, restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, kiosks, apartment houses, clubs, call centers, campsites, stores, train stations, bus terminals, stadiums, bowling alleys, gyms, athletic fields, homes, schools, theaters, airports and shopping malls.

We have wall phones. We have desk phones. We have phones with touchtone dialing, rotary dialing, phones with no dialing; and phones with pre-programmed dialing and remotely programmable dialing.

We have phones for elevators and hotel rooms and calling taxi cabs and ordering pizza. We have desk and wall telephones that are labeled "DIALS 911 ONLY" and "LIFT FOR HELP," and "EMERGENCY ," and phones that look absolutely ordinary. We even have BatPhones with flashing lights.

Auto-dial phones will automatically call a pre-programmed number (such as 911) when the handset is lifted or a button is pressed.

No-dial phones can be used for answer-only applications, or for automatic dialing when connected to a ring-down circuit, tie line, or a phone system programmed for automatic dialing.

We've provided phones for the White House, Empire State Building, pools, schools, parks, hotels, hospitals, fire and police departments, military bases, an oil field, yachts, a submarine, schools, colleges, major corporations, small businesses, and lots of nice people.
Our phone colors include red-hot, and not-so-hot white, black and ash (a warm light gray). We even have BLUE courtesy phones. Choose from our red-hot list of almost endless options: long cords, armored cords, mute buttons, message lights, ringing lights, push-to-talk buttons, noise-canceling and more.



no-dial phones


touch-tone phones


rotary dial phones


rotary reproductions

Presidential Hotline

911 & emergency wall phones


speaker phones


phone signs


armored phones

trimline phones


911 & emergency desk phones


pool phones


elevator phones

We feature phones from Cortelco, G-Tel, Viking and our own RHP brand.

Have it your way! We have so many phone variations, we could make a phone every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, and not repeat a phone in over six months! Every phone is top-quality, and built to provide clear and reliable communications for years and years!

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  • NO SALES TAX for CA, TX, NY & 46 other states.
  • Secure online ordering, or call toll-free 1.888.225.3999.

RedHotPhones is part of AbleComm, in business since 1977. We are a telecom department store, with a huge selection of top quality products, and over a dozen websites. We ship worldwide.


Some of our phones aren't red, but they're all hot.


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